From the recordings String Theory and ALL Is Just Fine


Contrary to what the lyrics in this song say, we do watch what's going on in the world.
We are skeptical of large corporate takeovers of local newspapers and pushing news to the divisive social media formats all the while putting many out of legitimate jobs. This trend in hedge fund controlled media makes it difficult to believe the large news sources that don't know or care what's going on in 'Smallville'. We like to read our local news without having to be subjected to the uninformed opinion of every Tim, Rick or June on social media. Cancel culture is a slippery slope dictated by people that apparently don't have a real life, so they sit on line and mob together with equally uninformed people to "change the world." (research Mimetic Desire and/or Scapegoating) This combative form of information dissemination should not be taken for democracy. This is mass manipulation of the unwise by the elites funded with your tax dollars that allow opinion to be taken as fact. (search corporate socialism) Conscious people are driven by their conscience, and not by public opinion. The trend of people acting like lambs being led to slaughter without doing any serious objective research outside of what's 'popular', or without quietly searching within their own souls may be the fall of democracy and of civilization itself. This all the while human decency and dignity are being decimated.
However, we must say, we have faith that regardless of what happens, all IS just fine in the big picture. We're all just here for a blip in the vast cosmos within the human concept of space and time. The blip is so small that time and space are truly irrelevant. When you die, and we're all going to die, where do you want to go next ? Careful how you answer that as thought and belief create your 'reality'. If we posted this on social media there would be people on either side of the debate. We don't really care about debating opinions. We are not here to debate our personal beliefs. We know where we're hoping to go after we die, and if we're wrong about our next destination, it really doesn't matter. We enjoy surprises.

A good motto to follow might be "All I know is that I don't really know anything at all !"
We might attribute this motto as a quote by someone, but unless we actually heard them say it, or saw them write it, we don't really know. Even then, someone might claim that someone else said or wrote it first. You get our point ? Maybe ... yes, maybe is a great word to keep on hand at all times. There's a song titled Maybe on the String Theory album here. Maybe you'll hear it.
Maybe ...

In our humble opinion,

Peace and Love



Videos i found today May 1 / 2022 that also preach to the choir.

New single of "ALL Is Just Fine" from the 10 dimensional 'String Theory' album was remixed and remastered in early 2022.

Music, lyrics and vocals by Tawmy
3rd Lead Guitar by JaXaX -> ( )

Musically inSpired by that band Joe Walsh played with ... no, not the James Gang ...
... the other one ....
One of the nameless band's vocalists, and drummer: -

FinK PLoYd , and LAdY Shirley Bassey (

reMastered by Tim Oliver and Team
@ Real World Studios Jan 2022