‚ÄúOpinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.‚ÄĚ --¬†Plato

"Most people do not listen with the intent to understand;

they listen with the intent to reply"-- Stephen R. Covey

"I would rather be appreciated by a few that find my music esoteric and challenging,

than be fawned upon by the masses." -- Tawmy

" Fame is a fickle food upon a shifting plate." -- Emily Dickinson



Bittersweet Bundle of Misery  review by Jon Wright  September 30 / 2020 

Tawmy's ethereal, experimental, Prog. Rock track, Bittersweet Bundle of Misery, carves out a sprawling sonic space and fills it with skillfully driven percussion, droning bass, and hypnotically harmonized vocals - commanding listener attention through a surrounding, reverberant sound and endlessly satisfying guitar licks.  Otherworldly, Rock-centric deliveries support lyrics that focus on the vague, uncertain Bittersweet Bundle of Misery  that is life - drawing all who hear into an immersive, contemplative space.

The overall sound here is incredible!  There's a fullness that really anchors everything well - likely due to the near-constant drone in the low end.  It allows the spacey vocal performance and alternative percussion to float without the sound feeling empty or flimsy in any way.  Fantastic guitar licks - each and every one feels intentional, well implemented and distinct, a remarkable accomplishment in comparison to lead players that seem to lose the plot or meander too far from home.  The vocals sound killer, and the use of panning and harmonic shifting lends them a sort of spirit-guide quality in the space.  Great percussive work, and great lyrical ambiguity.  This is awesome stuff!

Listeners who love that Prog. Rock feel - who live for saturated soundscapes, delays, reverbs, and shred guitar that seems like it could go on forever - will lose themselves entirely in the space that Tawmy crafts in Bittersweet Bundle of Misery!  Managing to capture a sense of exploration and expansiveness alongside the impression of isolation, Bittersweet Bundle of Misery stands to connect with fans of the sound and audiophilic psychonauts of any background, but especially those who love well-played and powerfully implemented electric guitar! - Jon Wright.  ( Jango Radio Network )


What ... ?¬Ņ¬†¬†review¬†by Jon Wright ¬†September 22 / 2020¬†

Capturing the essence of inundation that accompanies the whirlwind of cataclysmic current events bombarding our news feeds, Tawmy's What ... ? employs layer upon layer of skillfully shredded guitar beneath colorfully filtered vocals in a catchy, all too relevant look at the roles we play in the politically-fueled mass-media machine.  Lyrically striving to remind us of what's at stake and where we ought to focus, What ... ? feels like a cleverly wrought classic Alt. Rock jam and connects like a clarion call to collective consciousness!

Phenomenal guitar chops!  Start to finish, What ... ? is practically exploding with riff after lick after riff after adrenaline-fueled lick - not only commanding listener attentions through Jack Semple's skillful playing, but artfully mirroring the chaos of the lyrical content!  The vocal effects work really well in the track's context, giving a bold burst of color to the lyrical lines and nicely offsetting the seriousness of the subject matter. Excellent lyrics - relevant to the state of the country and well-constructed in the context of the tune. Catchy and thought-provoking in the best way! Great sound, classic riffs and a strong lyrical presence make it a track worth repeat listens!

Those that live for the driving squeal of a masterfully manipulated electric guitar will find themselves instantly captivated by the sound and style of Jack Semple's playing - while the lyrical content and vocal flow of What ... ? will find a permanent home in the minds of those with an ear out for cognizant conversation surrounding the state of existence in America.  - Jon Wright  ( Jango Radio Network )


"Brand New Day" review by Mary Wildsmith  September 3 / 2020

Cruising, funky phrases open up Tawmy's Brand New Day, soon joined by slinking, detached vocals that twist in and out between bent, bluesy Alt-Rock guitar and grounding bass for one far-out ride. Effortlessly cool, this jazzy number confronts listeners with pragmatic philosophy: in a world unknown with a future uncertain, where one is given a chance to reset every day, what will you do?

In a world of three chord popular music delivered in four four time, Tawmy has guaranteed audiences a track that could never be boring. From frisky World-inspired percussion, to brassy snippets of Jack Semple's guitar flair, and energetically winding solos, Brand New Day is kept fresh and fascinating from start to finish. The song's chorus is sunny and expansive, imbuing the track with optimism, while groovy vocal tones and styling lend the track a liveliness that will seep down into your bones. Tawmy has crafted a song of excellent quality, particularly considering its home recording and self-production. 

Brand New Day will hold special appeal for lovers of high-polished Blues Rock and 90's flavored Alt Rock, while equally successfully sweeping in World Rock, music students, and general fans of guitar virtuosity. The song would sound fabulous live, indoors and outdoors alike, and would be particularly interesting featured on any TV/Radio show or podcast that could break the music down for fans, with the possibility of an accompanying interview segment. - Mary Wildsmith  ( Jango Radio Network )